"Zvartnonts" Airmeteorological Center SCJSC provides meteorological information to the civil aviation customers according to ICAO normative documents.
At the heart of provision meteorological information to the customers lies technology, consisted of four main systems.
1. Receiving of information
2. Collection of information
3. Processing of information
4. Sending information to the customer

Receiving of information
The basis of receiving meteorological information embodies regular and special observations of wind, visibility, air temperature, relative air humidity, atmospheric pressure, nebulosity and weather phenomenon. Weather observations are executed with the help of modern data gathering system and meteoinformation processing. Special location of clouds is observed with the help of meteorological radio-locator MPL- 5. Aggregate of these weather parameters makes up special telegram on factual weather on Yerevan aerodrome "Zvartnots", which is sent to international banks of meteoinformation.

Collection of information
Collection of information is an international net of aviation meteoinformation and its services can use only registered members of ICAO. AMC receives aviation meteoinformation by sputnik channels connection: SADIS, TECNAVIA, TVMAS. The meteoinformation on factual and forecasted weather in the airports of the whole world AMC gets from international meteobanks by aviation facsimile AFTN.

Processing of information

After analysis and calculation of received and gathered information a final product is prepared. The AMC production provides safety and regularity of airplane flights of civil aviation. AMC processes the following types of information:

1. Factual and forecasted weather of Yerevan aerodrome "Zvartnots" in METAR/SPECI code form in every 30minutes.
2. Factual and forecasted weather of Yerevan aerodrome "Zvartnots" orally in Russian and English languages in every 30 minutes for airplane crew being in the flight.
3. Factual and forecasted weather of Yerevan aerodrome "Zvartnots" in every 30 minutes by request for air traffic controller.
4. Weather forecast and forecast in aerodrome in TAF code form.
5. Weather forecast in SIGMET code form in every 6 hours.
6. Special weather forecast and jet stream forecast for flights on big altitudes.
7. Special weather forecast and jet stream forecast for flights on little altitudes.
8. The forecast of direction and speed of landing wind
9. Factual weather of Yerevan aerodrome "Zvartnots" in KN-01 code from for блн in every 3 hours.

Sending information to the customer
In view of strict requirements, accuracy and reliability of aviation meteoinformation and its impotency for provision of save flights to the aircrafts, sending information to the customer should exclude any failures during transmission. AMC has modern facilities of transmission and receiving of aviation meteoinformation and sending it to the customers in the shape it was reproduced. The whole meteoinformation provided by AMC is archived for its further usage in making climate characteristics that are peculiar to the observed area.

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