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   "Zvartnonts" Airmeteorological Center SCJSC provides meteorological information to the civil aviation customers according to ICAO normative documents.
  At the heart of provision meteorological information to the customers lies technology, consisted of four main systems.

1. Receiving of information
2. Collection of information
3. Processing of information
4. Sending information to the customer

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About Us

   In early 1990-s air meteorological stations were in very poor condition, and that was the reason why many stations were closed and some of them were placed under the authority of airport. In 1995 by 01.07.1995 order of Armhydromet Director Kodjoyan G.S on basis of АМСГ was founded State Enterprise Airmeteorological Center "Zvartnonts" and the Director was appointed Alaverdyan N.A.

The enterprise was part of Armhydromet as a self-financing enterprise. On August 11, 1998 State Enterprise Airmeteorological Center "Zvartnonts" was renamed to "Zvartnonts" Airmeteorological Center State Closed Joint-Stock Company. On March 06, 2002 by Government order №199 of RA "Zvartnonts" Airmeteorological Center cjsc was placed under the authority of Ministry of Preservation of Environmnt of RA. 34 people of the personnel of "Zvartnonts" AMC have higher education and 16 people - middle technical.

The main aim of the Airmeteorological Center is the meteorological provision of aircraft flights in Zvartnots airport, by international air routes and air routes of Armenia. "Zvartnonts" AMC executes meteoprovision of regular flights via RA and abroad, chartered flights and freight transports. The Geography of flights is very extensive - these are flights via all territory of Russia and the whole Eurasia.

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